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Basic Guitar Lessons - Tune a Guitar Using an Electronic Tuner

Learn how to tune a guitar using an electronic tuner. This is a thing that Everyone needs to learn, so start teaching your self.

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Basic Guitar Lessons - Guitar Strumming Techniques

Learn some techniques for keeping your strumming in rythym, whether playing by yourself or with others.

Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar Virtuoso Colt Valenti plays "Atmosfero"

Colt plays his composition "Atmosfero" (Atmospheres) live in concert in Seattle WA, 2005.

Basic Guitar Lessons - Chord Progressions for Guitar

Learn how to put together some of the chords you have learned into a basic chord progression.

Basic Guitar Lessons - Learn a Major Scale

Learn how to form the major scale on your guitar. Scales are a great thing to learn to be able to improvice and do solos.

Hybrid Technics Number 1, Huitar Fusion

Guitar fusion Arkadiy Starodoub from Moscow. Guitar player: Arkadiy Starodoub

Hybrid Technics Number 2, Guitar Fusion

Guitar fusion Arkadiy Starodoub from Moscow. Guitar solo... Guitarist: Arkadiy Starodoub

Cradle of Filth - Lord Abortion

A song of Cradle of Filth called Lord Abortion played by me, mad. All copyrights belong to Cradle of Filth - I just covered the song.

Basic Guitar Lessons - Blues Guitar Shuffle

Learn how to play a simple four chord blues shuffle on your guitar.

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