UK Online Roulette Wins

Whether it is your first time playing in an online casino or whether you are a seasoned gambler, everyone enjoys scoring those big wins. Now although it may lack the sense of competition inherent in poker games, everyone agrees that roulette is the way to go if you are truly a thrill seeking gambler. Nothing can beat the way the wheel slowly comes to a stop and the way your adrenalin builds up as you realize it may land on your number. There is no better way to win then picking the number that ends up returning to you thirty five times the amount you started with. Roulette is clearly the most adrenalin pumped game available in any casino, whether online or land based.

Now it is fairly simple to walk into a casino and place your life savings on your lucky number and watch the wheel spin. Naturally it will draw to a stop on your bet and payout thirty five times the amount of your hard earned savings. However, realistically you will watch the wheel spin and rob you of every penny you ever worked for. Getting those big wins in roulette is not as easy as the movies make it out to be. Yes, everyone has heard the urban legend of the homeless guy who bet it all on lucky number seven and became a millionaire. Reality check- it never happened! If you want to really win you need to first understand what you are up against.

The house always has the edge against the gamblers. This is an accepted fact that you must learn to cope with. Clearly the house would not want to lose money so they stack the odds in their favor to make a profit. Therefore in order to win in roulette you need to know how to overcome that edge.

The first step is to only play roulette where the edge is close to insignificant. American roulette tables are greatly stacked in the house's favor so it is far more advantageous to play on a UK table. For those American players who cannot stand being taken advantage of, their best option is to play online roulette. The online version, assuming it is in a credited online casino, is just as fair as a real roulette wheel (and just as random) and offers all forms of play. Therefore wherever you are you can still play roulette on a UK wheel so long as it is done online.

After this the only way you can gain an edge over the house is by paying close attention to each spin. Use any statistic available to your advantage and bet big when your win should fall out. An educated bet will always have a superior success rate than an idiot who bets his life savings on luck number seven. Only using these tactics can you hope to walk away from the roulette wheel with significant winnings.

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