UK Online Roulette Strategy

The most logical strategy when playing online roulette is to bet on either red or black and to keep doubling your bet if you lose. Statistically speaking your bet will eventually win and assuming you double your bet each time you lose, you will eventually end up winning money. This logic is extremely flawed and should never be practiced under any circumstances! It is true that statistically speaking it should work, but the roulette wheel never answers to statistics and there will be a time where red may come up twenty times in a row. Even if you were to start betting as low as one dollar for your initial bet, the sums would exceed your bankroll before you hit twenty losses.

When playing online roulette the greatest strategy you could have is to shorten the edge the house has through any means possible. For starters you should not play at an American table since the UK roulette wheel offers you better odds at winning. It is also pointless to be betting on a single number because even though the payout is great, the likelihood that you will actually manage to win is very slim. Why throw your money away on a shot in the dark?

Your best option when playing online roulette is to take very good notes. Pay attention to each spin of the wheel and what number comes up. Although, as stated before, you cannot fully rely on statistics, however if you see that after four spins the numbers were all black then it might be a good idea to place a bet on red. Likewise you should pay attention to the other groupings available. Where the past four numbers all evens? If so then perhaps you should bet on odds. Did they all fall within 1-18? Then place a bet on 19-36! If you play close attention then you can even confidently start placing line and column bets. No one will stop your taking notes as they might in a casino since you are playing online so use statistics to your best advantage!

Online roulette is not one of those games that have a distinct skill involved. You need to simply be aware of what numbers have fallen and what numbers are most likely to come up next. Do not expect to win every time, but if you play in a smart manner, you should be able to walk away with more than you started.

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