Bruce Musician

The Journey as of a Performer and a Composer

With the mindset of being an elegant connoisseur when it comes to performing with any band, Bruce has proven himself as one of the most prolific performers and composers for solos, chamber music, and songs with a musical guitar.

He is currently focused on solo performances of the collection he has known and treasured since decades along with his new compositions.

Wallace plays and sings the classical works of European and American artists to show his honor and love and performs his own stimulating guitar solos and songs. Solos and songs fill around seven CDs with the tag of Gyre.

He has composed more than 75 songs in cycles and with verses and rhymes from different ancient and modern sources.

Bruce has been a member of Flexible Music since 2004 and the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) since 2008. He has worked closely with several renowned composers such as John Zorn, Marty Friedman, and Mario Davidovsky.