My inspirations

“My guitar skills are sharpened and honed by the famous American guitarist, Marty Friedman. He is my source of inspiration!!!”

The Inferno

This studio album in 2014 from Marty Friedman has been a guide and coach for Bruce. With many guest musicians featuring in it to give a crazy feel, it teaches melody in diversity. The track has a varied mix of different music styles; still, it results in a highly interesting music. This is perhaps because of the unusual combination styles.

The Wall of Sound

This album of Marty Friedman has gone through some criticisms as well as praises.

However, one cannot deny the clear balance between the orchestral instrumentation and beating metal. The technical influences have soaked more profoundly into the Marty’s signature sound giving a truly natural mix of genres, unlike the eclectic notes of Inferno. This teaches to maintain a perfect balance with a natural composition!

Never Compare!e

No, this is not another Marty’s album to rejoice but a practice that he follows.

Bruce strongly believes in this way of living his career life. Each artist has its own unique skills and technique of delivering the emotions or message. Comparisons lead one to nowhere. So, to be everywhere, just learn from both juniors and seniors!

Learning from Juniors and Seniors

This is perhaps the lifetime inspiration for Bruce who believes in marinating in all sources of inspiration.

Just as several other classical composers, Bruce visits artist colonies for a few days quite frequently. Being in such a melodious environment with some thoughtful artists is highly inspiring and gives an ideal time to compose, practice, and reflect.